Saltimbocca alla Romana (jump-into-mouth the roman way) – (english recipe)

Here a nice and very fast recipe (around 15 mins to make) from roman traditional menu – sent to me by Meni.
Hope you’ll enjoy 🙂


– 4 veil slices
– 4 ham slices
– 4 sage’s leafs
– 30 gr. of butter
– half glass of white wine
– salt
– pepper


– Put the meet between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper and beat it with a meat tenderizer.
– Wash and dry the sage’s leafs (be careful dont break them).
– Put a slice of ham on each of the veil’s slices and a sage’s leaf on top of each ham’s slices and stop all with a toothpick.
– Let the butter melt and when it starts to brown put the saltimbocca and let them brown a couple of minutes for each side. Once this is done, deglaze with the wine and let them cook. Add salt and pepper and serve them.