Apfelstrudel – apple strudel (english recipe)

Apfelstrudel (4 person recipe)

How to make a nice Apfelstrudel – here a recipe from my grandmother.
Strudelteig / strudel pastry
– 250 gr (8.8 oz) plain flour (as fine as possible)
– 1 pinch of salt
– 2-3  tablespoons oil (sunflower oil or another neutral plant oil)
– 1/8 ltr (125 ml / 4.23 fl oz) water

Give the flour into a bowl, and give the water, oil and salt into the middle. Use a spoon to mix it, as soon as all flour is taken up use your hands to knead it to a smooth dough without any knots.
It is a bit sticky still, if the dough is too dry, carefully add a bit of water.

Now a trick from Grandma’s old cookbook: Throw the dough ball several times against a pastry board – that makes it smooth and easy to get it thin later on.
The pastry has to rest now while you can prepare the filling, cover it lightly with oil, and put a steamed bowl over it, and leave it for about half an hour to rest.

– apple slices
– brown sugar
– raisins if you like
– sour cream or quark
– grounded almonds or grounded hazelnuts
– cinnamon

Roll the pastry with a rolling pin to a very thin layer. You can get the pastry even thinner when you put it over your hand and carefully stretch it.
Well – with practise you’ll get it so thin you can read a newspaper through it, but honestly, it is not necessary, but make it as thin as possible.

Melt unsalted butter, and butter the pastry. Put the filling mixture on top, and roll the Strudel.
Put it into a buttered baking form, and cover it with melted butter.

Put it in the oven at 200-225 degree Celsius / 390-440 degree Fahrenheit for approximately 45 minutes.

After 15 mins add some butter on top, and give 1/4 ltr (250ml / 8-9 fl oz) milk into the form.

It’s delicious!