Pizzaiola (english recipe)

This recipe was sent to me by Meni. It’s easy to make, and really really yummi!

Of course it’s called pizzaiola because it’s a Napoletana pizza,but with meat instead 🙂


Thin slices of tender meat, for example veal
Olive oil
Peeled tomatoes
Mozarella cheese
Salt, pepper, sugar, oregano

Put abundant olive oil into a large pot, roast garlic pieces and let them slowly brown. Put in peeled tomatoes (careful with hot oil!), salt, pepper, and sugar, and let it simmer.
Season the thin veal cuts with salt and pepper. Put them into the sauce, and let them cook directly in there. When the meat is ready, put a tall slice of mozarella on top, and an anchovis on top of it. Add capers and oregano. Let the mozarella melt.

As a side dish – fresh pasta, or spinach with butter, or potatoes or cauliflower.

And – it’s worth making more sauce, any leftovers of the sauce are perfect with penne the next day!