Ciabatta (english recipe)

How to bake Italian Ciabatta yourself at home? It isn’t very difficult, and the result will surprise you!

It mainly needs a bit of time and patience.

Ingredients for 4 small Ciabatta breads:

500 gr plain flour
12 gr salt
30 gr fresh yeast (or alternatively 10 gr dry yeast)
400 ml warm water


Knead a smooth yeast dough out of the flour, salt, yeast and 2/3 of the water. When it’s smooth, and has no knots left inside, slowly add the rest of the water.
It’s going to be a very liquid dough, a lot more fluid than you’d expect it from a yeast dough.

Use some olive oil to oil a pot (if possible rectangular) where you let your dough rest and rise. Put the dough in, and use clingfilm to cover the pot. Let the dough rest, until it has at least doubled it’s volume.

Dust your workspace with flour (and seminola, if you like), carefully tip out the dough, and cut 4 leaves out of it.

Put them onto the baking tray, cover them, and let them rest again for a few minutes before you bake them.

Bake at 200-220°C for approximately 25 minutes.